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The Process....

Have a look below at we are doing here @ Radisson Limerick....

Energy Saving

Just a couple of thing we do to cut our energy consumption...

  • Sensor lighting in all staff areas.
  • Programming hotel heating and air-con needs to only operate when needed so as not to waste unnecessary energy.
  • Reducing lighting in public areas to minimal levels at night and during quiet periods.
  • Updating appliances step by step to the most energy efficient models.
  • Training our team and communicating the impacts they can make on our energy consumption being aware of their surroundings and how they can make reductions.


Reduce, Reuse & Recycle...

What we are doing to increase our recycling and reducing our contribution to landfill...

  • Operating General & Recycling waste bins in all areas of the hotel and training staff on how to correctly use these.
  • Separating out all glass waste and recycling as such.
  • Bailing all cardboard and paper packaging coming into the hotel for recycling.
  • Using Re-usable glass bottles for water in all meeting rooms, banqueting suites and the hotel restaurant.
  • Using refillable soap and other bottles in our public restrooms, spa showers facilities and staff rooms.
  • Working on eliminating all mono-packaged condiments in our Food & Beverage Departments such as; ketchup, mayo, jams ect. and where not possible moving to glass recyclable mono-packaging.
  • Using Bio Bins for all our biodegradable waste such as; Food waste, Bio Degradable Napkins/Straws.
  • Buying in recyclable and biodegradable single use items such as; Napkins, Straws, Take Away Cups.
  • Liaising with suppliers in order to ensure all items delivered come in the most minimal and recyclable packing possible.


Water Saving

What we are doing to reduce out water usage in the hotel....

  • Installing taps & shower heads across the board that provide an effective product with the minimal amount of water used and no waste.
  • Encouraging guests to reuse towels in rooms in order to cut water used for washing.
  • Installing Water Butts to collect rain water in order to water our plants and supply our green poly tunnel.
  • Reducing water pressure in the hotel to a level sufficient for serving our needs but to not waste any unnecessary water.
  • Installing an Eco-Friendly Dish and Glass Washer system that reduces water waste from such to a minimum.


The Green Team

Our Green Team headed up by our Green Champion Margret Egan have been up to some exciting stuff...

Polly Tunnel

We have built our own Polly tunnel out the back, here the kids that use our kids club have been planting lettuce and strawberries. These are then being harvested by our kitchen team and used in our hotel kitchen, This then uses Water from Water Butts to water these saving on eater usage

How is this helping the environment; Reducing packaging, Reducing delivery trucks coming to the hotel, Reducing Water Usage of the hotel

Earth Hour & Tree Planting

Each year we participate in earth hour going to as minimal as possible electrical usage in the hotel to raise awareness about climate change, as part of this we also have out employee of the year plant a tree on our grounds.

Much More Exciting Work – COMING SOON