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5 Mile Coffee Bar

Welcome to the 5 Mile Coffee Bar

9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday

At 5 Mile Coffee, we believe in simplicity. Our vision is clear: simplicity and authenticity drive us. We’re passionate about delivering straightforward solutions that align with our core values. As we progress, our commitment to genuine, uncomplicated excellence remains steadfast.

What’s in a name?

The 5 represents the core pillars of the coffee journey. The Farmer, where our commitment begins with sustainable practices; The Roaster, Artistry that brings out authentic unique Flavors; The Barista, Skill and passion poured into every cup; Our Customers, without you we wouldn’t have jobs! The Community, Cultivating connections, a sense of belonging and giving back. And finally, as a team we are committed to consistently going that extra MILE, ensuring unparalleled service and quality……. all while having fun and finding the joy in what we do!

1.Our Farmers – It all starts with our farmers and everything they put into planting, picking, packaging, and protecting our beans. We believe in sustainability as a practice not a buzz word. We let the buzz come from our brews.

2.Our Roaster: Our roaster Shana, is the artist behind the scenes. She’s the one that ensures quality and taste in every roast. Our bags are small batch, hand packed and hand delivered to ensure consistency and care.

3.Our Baristas: Our Baristas pour their hearts into every cup but most importantly they are passionate about people. There’s no pomp or circumstance about us, we want you to have a great cup of coffee with great service.

4.The Coffee Lover: That’s you and without you, we wouldn’t have jobs. You’re the essential part of our journey – so if you speak, we’ll listen! Tell us about your thoughts on all thing’s coffee!

5.The Community: We’re all about fostering connections and giving back. We don’t want to just serve you delicious coffee, we want to create jobs, work with the arts, be involved. Whether it’s giving our coffee grounds to market gardens or collaborating with universities and community groups, it’s about embedding ourselves in the Cork community and beyond.

The Mile is the extra mile in which they go for quality and service.

The 5 Mile Coffee Bar features a delicious range of artisan sandwiches, salads, fruit pots, cakes and delicacies, as well as a range of healthy options. All are available as a ‘grab and go’ option or as ‘dine in’. Our comfortable hotel lobby provides complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi and a range of seating and table options, perfect for your business meeting, a quick meeting with friends or a longer more relaxing dining and coffee experience.

Our experienced team of baristas are here to provide exceptional service and provide you with good, uncomplicated, consistent coffee.