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Our Mission Statement

Radisson Limerick, The iNua Collection and iNua Partnership are committed to minimizing the adverse impact that our business activities have on the local and global environments. As a company strive to operate to the highest standards and proudly advocate socially and environmentally sustainable business practices through our Corporate Social Responsibility Programme. Conscious of our impact on the environment our aim is to bring a positive benefit to the local communities in which we operate through high quality service, economic growth, environmental protection, community involvement and employment.

In delivering this commitment we endeavor to:
• Comply with all applicable local legislation regarding labor, health & safety, human rights and the environment and strive to follow best practices in each of these areas.
• Continuously improve environmental performance and reduce the environmental impact of our activities, especially in the areas of energy, water, chemicals, resource consumption, and waste generation.
• Set sound environmental and social objectives and integrate a process of continuous review and reporting.
• Identify areas for improvement and innovation at hotel level through a robust in house Corporate Social Responsibility Programme and support the efforts of the CSR Team in each hotel.
• Participate in the Green Hospitality Award programme.
• Educate and facilitate for our employees to make a conscious decision in favor of environmental, ethical and social issues in their private and work lives.
• Inform and make it easy for our guests to participate in our CSR programme and environmental activities at our hotels.
• Work to find innovative solutions that satisfy our economic, environmental and social objectives.
• Provide shareholders and investors with timely, accurate and transparent information on CSR-related risks and opportunities.
• Purchase products that have a reduced environmental impact during their life-cycle, from suppliers that demonstrate environmental, social and ethical responsibility.
• Take an active role in the wider CSR community through our partnership with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland.
• Contribute to the local communities where we operate through our partnership with the national charity Down Syndrome Ireland.